Behold, Loyalty Pays

Loyalty pays

On Monday 19th of September, as all staff gathered at the head office of Equal Logistics, while all the management staff also humbly stood near the Managing Director of Equal Logistics receiving Monday fuel and motivation to boost their effort, Edna Mogbolu was asked to come to the midst of everyone, the MD appreciated her with certain amount of money that makes her account balance smile this is to celebrate her 6th years anniversary at EQUAL

Honorable MD commence his words sharing the company’s journey with little joke as usual, advising all staff to respect each other and put more effort couple with words of encouragement.

He let us realized Edna is the oldest female staff in the company and also one of the hard working staff,  she had never for once feel reluctant and lazy when it comes to job.

This Female Human Resources Officer was recently transferred to another location of our office despite the management asked if there is any inconveniences based on this, but she saw it as part of her duties never for once express inconveniences towards this new development to everyone’s surprise

Edna received a long time Award and appreciation of Cash price, also as one of the new appointed director at Ijora port immediately her 105.9 account balance changed status, Wow.

Thou 19th of March, 2022 marks the 6th year anniversary of Miss Edna at Equal Logistics.

All Entire staff congratulates and rejoice with Edna Mogbolu.

Congratulation HR Edna since 2016 – Till date…

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